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Ferret Chef is an endorsement and advertising free site. All the opinions on food and kitchen equipment I offer are my own views.

I started this site as a happy to keep myself busy following a car accident which has left me housebound in severe chronic pain and unable to return to my job as a Community Pharmacy Manager. It was a job I really loved, I loved helping people and found the job deeply rewarding. Unfortunately the consultants do not think I will recover enough to do my old job and it is likely my pain will never go away. I suppose you don’t really realise how lucky you are until you lose what you had.

I started this blog because I have always loved cooking and eating good food. Before my accident I was lucky to have travelled extensively round Europe, North Africa, North America and the Far East, sampling some amazing food on the way. I use these memories as inspiration to create my recipes.

As a child in Scotland I rarely encountered exotic or spicy foods, with holidays being the only time I would be lucky enough to try new foods. Times have truly changed and it is now possible to order food from around the world to your home round the clock. Although personally I find cooking my own food to be far more rewarding, and tastier.

This blog is really just a hobby, I don’t harbour any hidden dreams of fame or fortune. I really write the blog as a way of keeping myself busy and because I love creating recipes. I have over 50 recipes on my blog so far with many more to come. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and will continue to keep visiting for new recipes.

I find advertising to be very annoying and think it ruins the experience on so many websites. Equally I find it disappointing that so many blogs have hidden advertising in the form of paid endorsements, which are disguised as honest opinions when they are not. To this end I have decided to place a buy me a coffee donation link, via KO-FI. If you like my recipes please feel free to donate via the link below, any donation is most welcome.


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Ferret Chef

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. With a love of travel and food, I have travelled the globe for authentic and great tasting food. I am a former Pharmacist turned recipe blogger following a life changing car accident. I have been left with very poor mobility and severe pain, cooking is my escape with the help of my wonderful wife. I love good food whether it is comfort food or an exotic curry. I am not a fan of pretentious food or food snobbery.

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