Prawn, Sweet Peppers and Cashew Nuts

My version of the classic chinese take away dish using sweet bell peppers and honey to give the dish a delicious sweet taste. Green beans, onion and celery also give the dish some crunch. Like many Chinese dishes this is very quick and easy to cook.

Serve with your choice of rice or noodles.

Prawn, sweet peppers and cashew nuts

For two people

Preparation time 10 minutes

Cooking time 5-6 minutes


What’s needed

12-14 Raw King prawns – peel, devein and butterfly

4 cloves garlic – finely chopped

Thumb sized piece of ginger – peel, cut into fine match sticks

1 tablespoon corn flour – dissolved in 50ml warm water

Dash of shaoxing  rice wine

1 tablespoon of honey

1 teaspoon of five spice

2 tablespoons of soy sauce

handful of trimmed fine green beans – cut into batons

handful of cashew nuts

1 stick of celery – cut into 2cm cubes

1 medium brown onion – cut into 2-3cm cubes

1 yellow bell pepper – cut into 2-3cm cubes

1 orange bell pepper – cut into 2-3cm cubes

Black pepper to season

1 tablespoon wok oil

Serve with choice of rice or noodles.

Get cooking

  1. Start by adding oil to your wok and heat till smoking hot. keep your hob on full heat for the whole cooking process, remove wok from heat when needed rather than reduce heat.

  2. Fry the chopped garlic and ginger for 1 minute. Remove wok from heat if required to prevent burning.

  3. Add the vegetables to the wok and stir fry for 1 minute. Then add the King prawns and continue to stir fry for 1-2 minutes

  4. Now add the corn flour (dissolved in water),  2 tablespoons soy sauce, a tablespoon of honey, dash of shaoxing rice wine and teaspoon five spice. Stir fry for 1 minute, until the sauce starts to bubble.

  5. Taste test – add more honey if more sweetness is required or more soy sauce if you require more seasoning. Crack a little black pepper through the dish.

  6. Serve with rice/noodles and enjoy.



Tomato egg flower soup

This sweet and delicious Chinese soup is a current favourite of mine. It is extremely easy to make and tastes way better than most Chinese take ways.




For four portions


preparation time 15 minutes

cooking time 20-30 mintues


1 litre of chicken stock –  stock cubes are fine

4-6 round tomatoes cut into thin wedges – remove skins first

2 eggs lightly beaten

4-5 heaped Tablespoons brown sugar

2 teaspoons corn flour – mixed in 50ml warm water

2-3 spring onions –  thinly sliced

Pepper to season

Salt – to taste, half to 1 teaspoon

Get cooking

  1. Start by bringing a litre of chicken stock to a simmer in a large saucepan.
  2. Next add the tomatoes and simmer for 15-20minutes on a medium heat until the tomatoes are broken down.
  3. Add 4 tablespoons of brown sugar and stir until dissolved. The soup should taste sweet not savoury so depending upon taste and how sweet your tomatoes were you may need to add more sugar. You want the soup to be quite sweet but not to the point it is sickly.
  4. Next add half a teaspoon of salt and taste, again depending on taste you may need to add a little more salt.
  5. Next add in the corn four dissolved in water and simmer until this slightly thickens the soup.
  6. Then add the beaten egg – there is an easy technique to this. Very slowly drizzle the egg into the soup with one hand, with the other use a fork to constantly stir the soup. This will give the classic egg drop effect you are looking for, if you were to add the egg in too quickly or not stir with a fork you will end up with unwanted large chunks of cooked egg.
  7. Bring back to a simmer then remove from heat.
  8. Add in the finely chopped spring onions as a final step and serve immediately.



Sweet and Sour Prawn noodles

A quick and delicious recipe for stir fried sweet and sour prawn noodles.

This version of this classic dish has the classic sweet and sour flavour without being too sweet. This delicious dish is cooked in four easy steps.

First shelled and butterflied king prawns are stir fried quickly in very hot oil to make them nice and juicy. A mixture of peppers, onion, celery, carrot, tomato and pineapple is then stir fried in the wok.  This provides a fresh sweet crunch to the final dish. A sauce is prepared from pineapple juice, vinegar, tomato ketchup, dark soy, ginger and garlic. The sauce is added to the wok before adding the cooked prawns and some pre cooked egg noodles. This is quickly fried so that the sweet and sour sauce flavour is absorbed into  the noodles. The dish is finished with a garnish of coriander leaf.


Serves two people

Preparation time 10 minutes, cooking time 10 minutes


2 portions of cooked egg noodles – separate with a fork before adding to wok

12 raw king prawns – shells off, devien and butterfly

1 orange pepper – diced

1 yellow pepper – diced

2 white onions – cut into large chunks

1 stick celery – diced

1 carrot – cut into fine batons

2 large round tomatoes – sliced into eighths

140g tinned pineapple – cut into small chunks (retain juice for sauce)

vegetable oil  – to shallow fry prawns

1-2 tablespoons wok oil – for main dish

For the sauce:

2 dessert spoons white vinegar

Juice from tinned pineapple

3 dessert spoons tomato ketchup

1 desert spoon dark soy sauce

thumb of ginger – peel, cut into fine match sticks

3 gloves garlic – peel, crush, finely chop

Combine sauce ingredients in a mixing bowl, sir well, cover and set aside. The sauce is best prepared 1-2 hours before cooking and left at room temperature.


Get cooking!

  1. Start by heating vegetable oil in the wok to stir fry the prawns. This should be around 2-3 cm deep and smoking hot before you add the prawns. Keep the hob on its maximum setting and quickly stir fry the prawns. As soon as they turn pink tip the contents of the wok through a colander to drain the oil and then set the prawns aside.
  2. Wipe the wok clean then add 1-2 tablespoons of wok oil, place on hob at maximum setting and heat until smoking. Add in the vegetables and stir fry for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Tip in the sweet and sour sauce and continue to stir fry for a further minute. Then add the prawns and cooked noodles to the wok and stir fry for a further 2-3 minutes – until the noodles have absorbed the sauce and the dish is heat through.
  4. Serve straight away with a garnish of coriander leaf.